Welcome! I’m Heather Dawn!

Heather Dawn, Charlotte Fashion Blogger behind Dearest Dawn

Hi everyone!  I am Heather Dawn, a lady who loves fashion, beauty, good food and traveling. I have always adored dressing up since I was a little girl.  My mom has told countless stories of how incessant I was to have my hair bows match my clothes and my shoes!  Thank goodness that is no longer a trend!

I have an amazing best friend, who happens to also be my husband, Shay.  He is my biggest supporter, especially with my blog.  He is the guy behind the camera! I have a deep love and appreciation for my family and the many blessings that God has given me.

Dawn is my middle name that I have always adored.  I decided to begin blogging as a creative way to share the things that I love and enjoy.  Simply put, that is how Dearest Dawn came to be. I hope you can find a little inspiration along the way with Dearest Dawn.

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